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Sharper Looks


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Item Description

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    This double sided leather strop is ideal for sharpening straight razors and most knives. One side is coarse and the other is fine. One end are joined by hanging hook with lobster clasp, which is convenient to be hanged to someplace. The other end with handle is easy to grip while sharpening your razor. You can enjoy smooth shaving experience all the time with this leather strop. This strop is made with best quality cowhide leather which allows for smoother shaving blades. This strop is designed for professional barber shops & home use. These strops are finely balanced to allow for an easy sharpening experience. 
    Material:  Leather 
    Color:      Brown 
    Size:       48.2 * 5cm / 18.8 * 2.0inch 
    Weight:   115g 

    Type:       LEATHER Strop 
    Function: Sharpening and Smoothing After Honing Razors
    Synthetic BRUSH
    A top-quality Silvertip Synthetic bristle brush with an attractive pure Wood handle that will provide you with comfortable and pleasant shaves for years to come (see an explanation of the different grades of shaving brushes below).

        * Brown tip synthetic bristles*
        * Solid Wood, Natural Wood handle
    III-How To Use
    1.Fix the front end on someplace with lobster clasp. 
    2.Hold the other end with one hand, and rub the razor on it back and forth with putting your strength on the back of the razor

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    II-Some Good Reason To Buy Product: 

    1. The leather strop is made of raw cowhide which is then hand finished.
    2. Front leather Strop is the safest way of sharpening straight razors blades.
    3. Back plain Strop side used for final touching after sharpening straight razors.
    4. The strop has swivel steel hanging tab and cushioned handle for easy grip.
    Package Includes: 
    1 * Leather Strop.
    1 * Cut Throat.
    1 * synthetic Brush
    1 * Gift Box


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