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Cabaleiro Mens Brown Leather Bifold Wallet RFID Blocking & Money Clip

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RFID BLOCKING: Keep your personal information, data safe and secure during day to day operations. Serious with our customer's personal security, which is why our wallet comes with a unique...

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RFID BLOCKING: Keep your personal information, data safe and secure during day to day operations. Serious with our customer's personal security, which is why our wallet comes with a unique composite engineered specifically to block 13.56MHz or higher. Our RFID protection, which effectively prevents thieves from electronically accessing your personal and financial information by interrupting the radio waves of the scanners.

GENUINE LEATHER: Because You deserve the best in quality craftsmanship, our wallet is made from premium top quality Hide Leather, which is equally luxurious as it is long-lasting. Our vintage leather stays true to their nature by being receptive to scratches. With use the wallet will absorb the natural oils of your hands which will allow the wallet to develop a rich and dark colour. Over time your wallet will soften and build character as it ages. This leather takes on markings as it ages for a unique Western feel and look.

SMART CLASSIC DESIGN- Designed Quick Access ID Windows, Best Fits 6-8 cards plus Australian cash bills with no bulk and a minimal Pull-tab design to reduce bulk - Wallet Size: 4" x 3" x .4" in (10cmx 7.5cmx 1 cm).It’s designed to be a small men’s front pocket wallet with a cool tactical feel and is the perfect gift and fit for a men’s tactical holder, with a simple skinny business design, “Cabaleiro” branding on this designer wallet is sure to make you stand out with this minimal compact card holder.

CENTRAL MONEY CLIP- The money clip allows for cash to be clipped flat, held safe and not folded. For ultimate slim minimalist feel and comfort clip cash down without folding. The alloy clip is strong and durable and blends into the wallets design.

IT WORKS- The wallet is design to meet the everyday needs of a men’s wallet. This card holder is equipped with a front pocket made for your most used card. 2 pockets on the inside, with a photo ID slot, and a money clip to hold your cash. Wallet case also has smart pull-strap for quick access to your everyday cards.



Product description

Our Cabaleiro Top Quality Hide Wallet is a great thin minimalist pocket wallet for those who like the security of a card wallet and also like the look and storage advantage of a money clip, compared with a bulky wallet. It fits in your front pocket or other pockets, the thin compact design allows for comfort when sitting or driving.

The Cabaleiro Wallet comes with multiple Card Slots and the quick release tab pocket is perfect for storing multiple stacked cards.
The central money clip can hold single bills and also larger wads without compromising the strength of the clip.

Men’s Ultra Slim RFID Wallet:

Measures: 4" x 3" x .4" in (10cm x 7.5cm x 1 cm)

RFID Blocking
Equipped with a unique metal composite which can block RFID signals and protects your card from data theft, this Wallet can help you ensure the safety of your credit/debit card.

The brand logo adopts cold pressing technology, which has good recognition and strong three-dimensionality.
Sturdy, clean stitching ensures durability and exceptional wear protection.
Structure coordination, the card position is designed in an orderly manner.
The interior composite provides strength and design protection which is safe and durable.

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